Compact R

When space matters, the Compact R makes dosing easy. The Compact R is Saier’s smallest dosing hose pump – but don’t be fooled by its size. The Compact R is powerful, highly precise, and extremely robust. Saier’s “mini all-rounder” is compact, of high-quality, and offers powerful dosing in rinsing technology, swimming pool technology, cleaning equipment as well as stationary dosing and in moving equipment. The Compact R is available for different operating voltages.

Conveying capacity 2 ... 75 ml/min
Duty cycle 8 h/d
Max. pressure 0.5 bar
Suction height 1.8 m

Operating voltage Modellabhängig. Siehe Datenblatt.
Frequency Modellabhängig. Siehe Datenblatt.
Power consumption 5.5 VA
Hose rupture detection nein
Degree of protection IP 65


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