Pool technologies

Dosing platforms for
swimming pools

Clean and reliable water quality at peak performance – from Saier

Reliable and accurate dosing of chemicals for commercial and private pools ensures healthy and safe water. Essential for any public pool water treatment, a dosing system must balance disinfection, pH value correction and flocculation, even at peak performance.

Specialized high-performance Saier dosing pumps and rinsing devices for swimming pools ensure safe water disinfection, 100% flocculation and highly reliable pH value adjustment.

High-performance dosing for excellent water treatment – from Saier.

Learn how Saier dosing platforms are used for swimming pool technologies.


DSP9911-SM Modbus

Built-in pump with mode control.

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A durable, built-in pump for continuous operation.

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Compact built-in high-capacity pump.

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Miniature high-capacity built-in pump for continuous operation.

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Converter for high-impedance input signals into mA output signals.

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Concept pool master

Professional dosing system for water treatment.

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DSP 9619

Long-life hose alternative to membrane pumps: powerful, robust, accurate.

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