Control and regulation technology

Dosing technology for industry

In plant and process engineering, there is a wide range of applications for dosing technology. It is critical that pumps are controllable, resilient, and reliable.

The Saier product range offers an assortment of models for classic plant technologies, each of which meet the spectrum of requirements for precision controllability, robustness, and reliability. For this reason, for decades many world-leading process engineering companies have relied on Saier dosing pumps and technologies.


MPX® Smart

Multi Dosing System for seven washing machines.

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DSPset 2602

Dosing unit with detergent, rinse-aid, and additive pump

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DSP9911-SM Modbus

Built-in pump with mode control.

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Control and regulation unit for dosing pumps.

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Concept pool master

Professional dosing system for water treatment.

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DSP 9805-II

A robust, industry-proven dosing pump with conductivity control.

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