Dosing of liquid media

dosing technology

Saier’s core competence is in liquid media dosing. The peristaltic pumps are at the foundation of Saier’s core technical know-how, and Saier pumps have shown themselves over and over to first-in-class leaders in the dosing industry.

Over decades, Saier has continued to develop and innovate liquid media technology, and Saier is proud that its products are used throughout many industries, proving the reliability, durability, and precision of Saier products.


MPX® Smart

Multi Dosing System for seven washing machines.

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DSPset 2602

Dosing unit with detergent, rinse-aid, and additive pump

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DSP9911-SM Modbus

Built-in pump with mode control.

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A durable, built-in pump for continuous operation.

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Compact built-in high-capacity pump.

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Miniature high-capacity built-in pump for continuous operation.

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Control and regulation unit for dosing pumps.

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Concept pool master

Professional dosing system for water treatment.

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DSP 9805-II

A robust, industry-proven dosing pump with conductivity control.

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DSP 9619

Long-life hose alternative to membrane pumps: powerful, robust, accurate.

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