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From laboratories to agriculture, Saier products are essential components in diverse industries around the world.

Saier pumps and dosing units are crucial for safety, cleanliness, efficiency, and precision across a wide spectrum of industries.

Diverse industries where Saier products can be found:

  • Managing precise dosing of lactic acid bacteria in the milk production industry
  • Regulating cleaning processes of laboratory equipment in research centers
  • Aiding flow and transfer of water for heating and cooling systems
  • Ensuring hygiene and cleanliness in the food processing industry
  • Accurate mixing and injection of fluids for pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturers

Saier pumps and dosing platforms are indispensable for the success, safety, reliability, and efficiency of many commercial and public sectors across the world.

Learn how Saier pumps and dosing platforms can transform your industry.


DSP9911-SM Modbus

Built-in pump with mode control.

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A durable, built-in pump for continuous operation.

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Compact built-in high-capacity pump.

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Miniature high-capacity built-in pump for continuous operation.

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DSP 9619

Long-life hose alternative to membrane pumps: powerful, robust, accurate.

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