Water treatment

and clean water

Safe and clean water – made possible by Saier

Water is life. Quality without exception – Saier knows how to guarantee water safety and purification.

From filtering to chemical, biological or UV treatment to monitoring and testing – the correct flow, metering, and dosing of water treatment is essential for drinking, bathing, food preparation, waste treatment, recreation, and agriculture.

Saier has developed a wide spectrum of innovative and high-performance solutions for pumping, dosing, and metering water and water treatment.

When quality and safety are essential – Saier is the brand you can trust.

Learn how Saier pumps, dosing platforms and metering are used for water treatment and safety.


DSP9911-SM Modbus

Built-in pump with mode control.

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A durable, built-in pump for continuous operation.

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Compact built-in high-capacity pump.

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Miniature high-capacity built-in pump for continuous operation.

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Conductivity Sensor ILFD 03

High-end sensor for electrolytic conductivity and temperature in pipes.

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Concept 420 SMD

Durable dosing hose pump with multiple operating modes.

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Concept 2105-3

High-end universal pump with more than 10 operating modes.

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Control and regulation unit for dosing pumps.

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Concept pool master

Professional dosing system for water treatment.

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DSP 9619

Long-life hose alternative to membrane pumps: powerful, robust, accurate.

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