MPX® Smart

The MPX® Smart from SAIER is an intelligent central dosing system for several washing machines. Functional reliability, durability and very low service costs are the main features of this innovative system.

The MPX® Smart is WLAN-enabled and can be configured, monitored, and adjusted via an internet interface.

Number of washing machines max. 7
Number of chemical products max. 13
max. flow rate 1,000 ml/min
Suction height max. 1.8 m
Hose rupture detection ja
Water line pressure 0.5 ... 6 bar
Water temperature 4 ... 40 °C
Separation from the domestic water network DIN EN 1717 Kat. 5

Operating voltage 100 ... 240 V
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Power consumption 45 VA
Control input voltage 12 ... 240 V AC/DC
Degree of protection IP 65


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